All proceeds go to the
Greater Vancouver FoodBank

It’s not the first turkey he’s ever served, but it probably has the most trimmings!

It was during another long and sweaty day’s work on his forthcoming album with producer Felix Fung that Rich Hope was heard to declare, quite out of the blue: “I love Christmas, baby!”

And so wheels began to spin, calls were made, and before you could say “I know it,” Hope had assembled some of the finest musicians within reach—including guitar-master Scott Smith, pianist Matt Kelly, bassman Erik Nielsen, and drummer Adrian Mack.

Their mission? A return to the scene of 2010 hit “I See Trouble” for an expanded Yuletide regifting of your favourite Evil Doers song and a message of Hope in these most Troubled of times. (ie. “I hope I get a new guitar.”)

A little less selfishly, we also Hope that you download “I See Santa” so that we can send your money to the Vancouver Food Bank. What’s in it for you? Among other things, the Christmas song with the fewest and definitely the least annoying chords in history. (Looking at you, “Jingle Bell Rock”.)